Thursday, September 10, 2009

First Day of School

Kyle and I started school today! Here goes another semester. He was going into dentistry and then changed his mind so this semester he is taking a ton on classes for accounting. I think that he will be really good at it and he likes it a lot better then talking biology and chemistry courses. I am retaking a few classes to get my GPA up so I can hopefully get into the nusring program. Man its taken me forever to get here so I hope that I can get in and pound it out! We just moved in to our new little place this past weekend and we love it! Its perfect for us. Well I better get off here and get on some homework. Yeah can you believe it?! Homework on the first day of school? I remember when the first week of school all we had to do was just getting a ton of papers signed by your parents and that was the homework and now I already have 3 quizes to take! I guess thats life now!