Monday, July 27, 2009

Zoo fun

For Kyle's sister Lacie's birthday we went to the zoo to celebrate and it was so much fun! It was really sunny in the morning but got more over cast as the day went on, which was nice. We took a train ride to the aquarium, and it seriously took forever! We waited in line for 20 minutes only to be told that we were not going to make it on that ride because there was not enough room on the train and we would have to wait for the next one. Well the next one didn't come for a half hour! We finally got on board and I have to say that I could have ran faster than the train was moving. I was such a joke. So we went and looked at the aquarium, and then on the way back got stuck sitting on the uncovered part of the train and it rained the whole way back. ugh! It was a good day overall though and it was really nice to spend sometime with Kyle and it was our one last hoorah before Lacie and her family move to Florida for a while so it was needed!

This guy was close enough that I could have jumped on his back!

He decided that after we were hollaring at him he wanted to give us the cold shoulder and stick his butt in our face!

Kyle loves gorillas because he said, "They are like people, only really hairy and freaky looking."

Saturday, July 25, 2009

I want them NOW!

I was catching up on other blogs and My friend Emily had posted wedding pictures from her camera and I want my pictures SO BAD! I can't wait to see them, except they have to be given to my mom and then mailed to me so I can't have them for like another week or so!


Here are the ones from Em.


Friday, July 24, 2009

Girls will play when the boys are away!

So While Kyle has been out working so hard I've been playing a ton with my new sisters and niece!

Camping with out the boys...

Playing at ABQ Jump!

Lacie, Chels, Me, Kylie, and Dawson!

Me trying to do a trick, but falling and smashing my face into a palm tree! :(

This place is a huge wearhouse and there are tons of blow up toys. Its sweet because Kylie is 6 bucks to get in and the rest of us get in free to play with her! We"ve been having so much fun haning out. I'm going to miss them a ton when they leave in 2 weeks!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Number one

So I decided that since my life is headed in a new direction I deleted my old blog and started a new one with Kyle and I together. We will be keeping everyone updated on where we are at and what we are doing. Right now we are in Albuquerque New Mexico where Kyle is selling security systems until the end of August. Then we are headed back to Rexburg for school. We LOVE LOVE LOVE being married!

Kyle has been doing really well in his office. They had two weeks where they did "Gladiator games" and this past week Kyle and his team won gift cards, backpacks, some money and a Wii game system! Its been a lot of fun, and Kyle has been working his little bum off!

We are doing wonderful and can't wait to see everyone when we come home in a little while!

Love, CJP